#BRKC2017 Links and Timings

If you want to support me from your armchair (or even in person at Formula Fast) over the next three days, here are my all-important #BRKC2017 links and race timings:

Friday 20th January

2 x 15 minute practice sessions between 12 noon and 2pm.


Saturday 21st January

Round One (Heat Six) – 11am – Preview

Round Two (Heat Six) – 5pm – Preview


Sunday 22nd January

Round Three (Heat Seven) – 8:30am – Preview

Round Four (Heat One) – 11am – Preview



There is also a live scoreboard with timings and positions during all of the practice sessions and races throughout the weekend: http://ffkbanbury.clubspeedtiming.com/sp_center/livescore.aspx

Finally, next week, my helmet camera footage will be uploaded to my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/brettstersview) and embedded within my race reports on this website!




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