I never raced for fun, although it was fun to race

Date: 21st December 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 23.732s
Best lap time this session: 24.189s

With a little over 24 days until the start of BRKC 2016 and a few trips to tracks further afield, I fancied a bit of fun at my home track in Eastleigh.

I was feeling quite relaxed after work, but once I had got to the track, I was raring to go. There were 6 people in my session (well in the first session anyway), of which I believe all but one of them were members.

Writing this in retrospect, there were only two parts that stood out for me; a long stoppage, which I believe was due to an injury to one of the drivers and the tremendously long battle with the young driver in front.

I truly enjoyed the battle with the young driver – It made me think about every corner and every possible move that I could make and lines I would need to take into and out of the many twists and turns.

I have to say that, although I didn’t manage to get the better than him on the track (i.e. I didn’t get the opportunity to overtake him), I did succeed in getting the fastest lap of the session and topping the leaderboard.

Due to the injury to one of the other drivers, our second session contained only four drivers. However, I was very excited and expectant of another great battle with the young driver, but I was slightly disappointed that a few silly mistakes from the younger driver allowed me to pass him easily at various points on the circuit – the cool, calm driver who had the ability to drive on the racing line at all times in the first session seemed to have been replaced by a driver who got flustered when being followed by others.

I finished top of the heap in terms of lap times in this session (with my 24.189s lap), but I did learn something about myself during this evening’s karting; I enjoy it more and feel more engaged when I am racing someone, whether that be chasing or trying to pull away from them after an overtake. This epiphany, will most likely change my tactics during the pit stop elements of the BRKC (compared with last year) and my next race; the F1 event on this very track.

Obviously, you don’t want to peak too early

Date: 23rd November 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 23.732s
Best lap time this session: 24.879s

On a bitterly cold Monday evening, I entered my first members unlimited event. The idea was easy; just complete your fastest lap in each of the three 20 minute sessions. The final rankings would be calculated by assigning points to your position (sorted by fastest lap time) in each of the sessions and the driver with the highest total over the three sessions was the winner.

After a fantastic weekend away in the Midlands, eating rich food that I have been purposefully avoiding on my diet, I was feeling tired but really motivated to succeed.

In the first session everything felt brilliant; I was easing past more experienced drivers and swapping places and lap times with possibly the most experienced driver in the field. This leads me on to the best part of this members unlimited session – the drivers. Without doubt, this was the fairest, yet most competitive GRID event that I have ever taken part in. We were all aware of each others positions on track, faster drivers were allowed past the slower drivers (except where we had agreed to race) and the chats in the “locker room” afterwards were friendly and hilarious at times.

Back to the racing, it was a real battle between myself and Ian from the word go right to the end of the race; we traded lap times and positions on track no less than nine times during the session. I’m proud to say that in this race, I finished in second place overall, edging out Ian by two tenths of a second with a 25.022s fastest lap. The winner of the session was immense on track; a graduate from the kart academy, he is surely one to watch in the upcoming events here.

I was surprised to see another experienced driver at the bottom of the pile after the first race; he explained that he didn’t get the luck of the draw (with the kart) in the first race, but he would bounce back in the second.

I was then drawn to have the same kart as he had in the first race… Could I do any better? To cut this section short, the answer was no. I honestly can say that I have never spun a kart through 360 degrees so often as I did in the second race (if you watch the video below, I think I counted 5!). I cannot really blame the kart too much (the eventual winner of the evening, set one of the fastest laps of the entire day with it in the third race!), but it didn’t seem to suit the heavier drivers. Floundering at the bottom of the leaderboard, after my second place in the first race, meant that it was all to race for in the final.

Between the second and final sessions, I tried to work out the permutations; for me to win the event, I would need to finish first with the winner of the first two races finishing last, and myself and driver X would need driver Y to finish between us etcetera etcetera.

All of this complex mathematics was distracting me from the task ahead – ultimately, all I needed to do was go out there and race. I was not in control of anybody else’s lap times, or their finishing positions.

I honestly don’t know what happened in the final race; I couldn’t get into “the zone”. It felt like I was driving on autopilot, which in some cases can be great, but in this case, my mind was elsewhere and I had no urgency in my driving.

Surprisingly, I managed to pull some sub-25s laps out at the end, resulting in a 24.879s best over the entire evening. Unsurprisingly, however, I finished bottom of this heat and only my second place in the first race prevented me from finishing last overall.

Looking back at the evening now, perhaps I was tired from the weekend (driving up to the Midlands and back as well as all of the activities up there), but if this the case, then I will have to look at my next results at Formula Fast with a different viewpoint.

Racing with rookie drivers just means new people crashing into you

Date: 27th October 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 24.407s
Best lap time this session: 25.547s

After the Formula One event, I arranged another “fun” session with my colleague Nick after work on Tuesday evening. Normally on a Tuesday evening there are between four and six drivers but, on this occasion, being half-term as well, there were 9 drivers on track in each session.

In session one, things on track got very busy, very quickly, and we were soon faced with the need to overtake the back-markers. Now this isn’t normally a big issue; you follow them for a lap or two, judge where you feel you are quickest and study the lines that they take through the corners. However, the drivers that were on track fell into two categories; those that were consistently on the racing line, or those that were so erratic, that you had no idea where they were going next!

In one move, in particular, I decided to move to the outside of the track and then try to cut back in at the hairpin. It was tight, but it worked out in the end. Racing the same drivers, a few minutes later in the session, I took the decision to go out wide  again, towards the pit entry, but this time it didn’t work as it had done earlier – I collided with the barrier dividing the track from the pits (I did consider diving into the pits, but I thought I still had enough room!)

Teamsport Eastleigh 271015-00-06-36-816Teamsport Eastleigh 271015-00-06-37-200

One of the occasions that I did gain an advantage from another driver was at the opposite hairpin – I was lining up Nick for the pass when we came across another back-marker. I took to the outside, whilst Nick decided to squeeze up the inside. Remarkably, I came out of the corner ahead of both of them and into a little bit of clear air.

Teamsport Eastleigh 271015-00-06-53-892

One lap from the end, Nick “decided” to ram me from behind, causing me to jolt suddenly and jarring my lower back quite badly. Fortunately, I could limp back to the pits and rest up for 30 minutes before the second session. Unfortunately for me, it was going to be even worse in the next session!

Teamsport Eastleigh 271015-00-16-19-460

I managed to top the lap times in this session with a 25.547s lap, so I was fairly pleased with my performance, but I was still feeling the strain in my back!

The second session started as the first, dodging back markers and trying to get enough clear air to set a fast lap time.

Just about halfway through the second session, I was caught in another incident, whilst rounding the corner into the bridge section. I thought I was fairly well in front of the kart behind me, so took my usual line through the corner in order to maintain the most momentum to get up the ramp. As I was almost through the turn and trying to accelerate away, the driver behind hit me at full speed, lifted my kart into the air and my body bent double sideways (watch the video (starts at about 13:10) below to see what I mean).

Teamsport Eastleigh 271015-00-38-02-780Teamsport Eastleigh 271015-00-38-03-360

I didn’t know what to do: Do I carry on regardless? Do I get to the pits and check myself out? Do I stop here? I half-stopped, and, fortunately, my decision was made for me with the red flag coming out. This was one of the biggest crashes that I have been in, and it did really shake me up. Although one of my fastest lap times followed the crash, I almost felt like I was on auto-pilot.

I was slightly disappointed to come second, but at least I made it through the evening in one piece! My fastest lap in this session was a 25.584s, so slightly slower than the first session, but still respectable at this time of day.

I have no plans for karting until the end of November at the moment (I’m sure I will find myself a couple of drives in the meantime), but if you have any suggestions, or know of any races, please comment below and I will see what I can do!

Need to pick up the pace…? Give me more power then!

Date: 22nd October 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 24.407s
Best lap time this session: 24.830s

Buoyed by my 3.5lb weight loss in the past week through my new diet and training regime (specifically for the BRKC event in January), I turned up at the track in Eastleigh in a positive frame of mind. This was improved (despite the ~40 minute delay due to overrunning sessions throughout the day) by the banter I now enjoy with the “regulars”. There were, however, some members in this event that I had not raced before, putting a question mark over where I thought I would finish at the end of the evening.

During the briefing, the format was clarified; F1-style qualifying (three rounds with the slowest drivers knocked out at the end of each round), race one (20 minute race, one enforced pit stop, with the starting grid as per qualifying), and race two (20 minute race, another enforced pit stop, but with a reversed grid from qualifying positions). The points would be handed out in the same style as F1 and any tied places would be decided by lap times. Also during the briefing, we had our karts randomly selected for the evening; your name was called out and then the kart number you had been assigned; just to be clear, I have no problem with this way of selecting the karts, it gives everyone an equal chance of getting a good kart or a bad kart and is the only fair way of dealing with the situation. Ideally, there would be minimal differences between the karts, but when the marshal laughs when your kart is drawn out of the pot and states “Haha, you don’t want that one!”, maybe there’s a feeling that this particular kart isn’t the best.

Anyway, I hoped it was “psychological” and that I could drive the kart as well as I could and end up somewhere in midfield. I also thought that I would have an advantage over the others, having raced the the BRKC earlier this year and knowing where I had made mistakes in pit stops there.

I was all too aware that with eleven karts on track, qualifying could come down to leaving enough space between yourself and the drivers in front (the haunting memory of me being the slowest driver and compromising another driver’s qualifying in my first ever BRKC heat ran through my mind again). The kart didn’t feel too bad in the opening laps, but there was a distinct lack of acceleration at any point; I consistently put my foot to the floor and there was a big delay between this and getting any forward movement – something that would come to cause me some discomfort in the race. I thought that I would easily make it through to the second qualifying stage before I got into the kart, whilst I was in the kart, I thought I would scrape into Q2 (I only needed to avoid being in the bottom three), but when I got out of the kart and it was announced that I was dead last, I knew something was wrong.

Looking at the times of everyone in the session, I was really disappointed that, with a best of 25.727s, I was about half a second off the pace I was expecting. I stood around on my own, whilst the other sessions continued, thinking about what could have been.

I was determined that I could climb back up the field as I had done to a certain extent in the top gun event at the start of this month. After all, I was racing some of the same drivers and I managed it then!

It turns out that I couldn’t in kart 24. The race was just painful; both mentally and physically, including some incidents where drivers were expecting me to accelerate away, but due to the kart’s performance, I was just a mobile chicane in the acceleration stage out of corners. There were several violent bumps from behind; on one occasion, my head jolted back so hard that I was looking at the roof of the building for a second.

Strangely, due to the nature of the pit stops, I actually led this race for a lap, before falling to fourth before my pit stop and then to last place immediately after it.

After the first race, the race director called me over and asked me if there was something wrong with the kart, I believe my response to him was “Yes, it’s s****!”. I did go into more detail, saying that there was no power coming out of the corners and no acceleration going up the bridge. I don’t like to blame the kart (I see this as the risk you run racing rental karts) but when your best time after 30 minutes of racing is over half a second slower than the guys in front of you, you start to get disheartened.

Whilst we were told that there would be no kart swapping, the race director told me that my kart was a joke and that I could swap with kart 14. Now this was a double-edged sword; undoubtedly, kart 14 would be better than kart 24, but having sat there for 40 minutes without moving or even having its engine run, I would now be a sitting duck in the first few laps for everyone behind to pick off with their lovely warm karts.

I took the swap anyway and proceeded to the grid (a grid that due to my previous karts failings, meant that I was now on pole position!).

I got a good start, but unlike the BRKC, you were able to pit on the first lap, so I soon got caught up with the traffic coming out of the pits, but a lap down on me. Surprisingly, and unbeknown to me, I actually led the race for a number of laps whilst waiting for my opportunity to pit.

I saw the yellow light come on and I dove into the pits for my mandatory stop. I came back out into 7th position, where I quickly made it up into 6th and stayed there for 3 laps.

As much as I tried to be patient, I went slightly hot into the large hairpin corner and spun around and, in my attempt to turn myself round the right way, found myself in the tyres on the outside, resulting in me dropping down into 9th place.

F1 Event 221015-00-48-48-861

Finally, I managed to regain one more place, which I maintained until the finish, despite my attacks on the driver in 7th place. My fastest lap of this race was a respectable 24.830 seconds (almost a second quicker than I had managed all evening!), making it even clearer to me and the other drivers that it was the kart to blame in the first half of this event.

I would love to do this format again, but hopefully next time, there will be more of a level playing field!

Drive intelligently and be patient

Date: 13th October 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 24.407s
Best lap time this session: 25.918s

A week after my endurance race, I returned to Eastleigh with my colleague, Nick, for a “fun” session. We are both, obviously, competitive with each other, but we have different reasons for karting; Nick enjoys karting socially, whilst I am taking it more seriously, entering in competitions and stepping it up looking for suitable championships in 2016.

In our group, we found out that there were two other drivers. This meant that the track wasn’t particularly busy but, unlike the member’s event, there would probably be a considerable difference in lap times, meaning that it was a good opportunity to practice my overtaking on a circuit that doesn’t lend itself to many overtaking opportunities (and after the disaster of the Top Gun event, this was needed).

As our group were the first on the track that day, the karts were very cold, so the first session started with a bit of early braking and drifting round the hairpin corners, before powering on and trying to overtake the other drivers (including Nick!).

Nick did a very good job at keeping me behind for the first few laps,but an incident on the other side of the track helped me to overtake him for the first time; the yellow lights flashed on briefly, but my quicker reactions got me a jump on Nick into the large hairpin and, for once, I managed to make it stick (well for one corner anyway).

Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-03-15-280

The next few laps consisted of passing a “back marker” and then catching back up to Nick for another attempt at overtaking him. Once I was close enough, I made a daring attempt up the inside of the bridge, but as before, I compromised the next corner and he took the place back.

Eventually, I made a pass that stuck and for this I have to thank the other driver that Nick tangled with at the far hairpin; Nick took the inside line at the hairpin and was blocked, both drivers lost momentum, so I went around the outside, meaning that I could slip up the inside at the on-ramp of the bridge.

Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-07-42-940

Again, I tried to be patient and not make any rash overtaking manoeuvres when making any attempt on the other driver. Once I had disposed of this driver (another overtake on the inside over the bridge), I at last had some clear air to try to put some consistent lap times in. The only other incident of note, was a big collision between Nick and the other male driver. I didn’t see it as it happened, but did come across the aftermath of it (I’ve now since seen it from Nick’s perspective on his footage, and it’s a nasty one!).

Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-13-01-540

I managed to set a lap time of 26.441s on my final lap of this session. More importantly, I managed to stay away from any big crashes and came through the session unscathed!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture the first few laps of the second session due to a technical difficulty with my helmet camera (I forgot to switch it on), but all of the interesting footage was still there. You could really split this session up into three parts; in the first half of the session, I had clear air and was catching up to Nick, the next two minutes consisted of me following Nick, with both of us closing on the female driver and after a small collision at the bottom of the bridge and a couple of swaps of positions between myself and Nick, it ended as it began, with myself trailing Nick for the last five minutes.

Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-39-47-500

I managed to just dip under the 26s barrier, with a 25.935s lap about halfway through the session. This we thought was the end of the evening, but we were about to be made an offer we couldn’t refuse.

After the second session, we were offered a third at a discount price because the track wasn’t busy at all. At first, just myself and Nick decided that we would do it and the other pair said that they couldn’t, but when we got out to the front desk to pay, the other pair decided to go for the third session as well, meaning that it consisted of exactly the same four drivers.

Nick had a big moment early on at the large hairpin, which I did all I could to avoid a big impact with him and his kart. It could have been very dangerous, but I managed to slip around the outside without touching him at all!

Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-21-39-280Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-21-39-720

The other drivers had obviously gained confidence from the first two sessions and they weren’t afraid to mix it up in the third. One notable incident in the third session, occurred on the straight under the bridge, where one of the other drivers appeared to turn hard into me in an attempt to block me off. My experience paid off here, as I just backed off a little whilst maintaining my line, sending him into a spin and into the tyres, whilst I just carried on past.

Teamsport Eastleigh 131015-00-26-32-440

Despite this incident, I was determined to keep it as clean as possible on the track; I bailed out of several moves when it was 50:50 whether I would make the move stick without contact. Maybe I was a little bit rougher with Nick, but I know that he always gives as good as he gets! Finishing (literally) with a 25.918s lap, put me to the top of the leaderboard again and concluded the evening’s entertainment.

All in all, it was good fun and, at a time where the karts weren’t performing at their best, a sub-26 second lap and to be fastest in every session isn’t terrible. I have lots more karting to come in the next few weeks… Check out the new “Upcoming Events” calendar on this blog to see when and where I’ll be karting in the future!

Brum Brum!

Date: 25th July 2015
Track: Teamsport Birmingham (Oldbury)
My PB at this track (before this session): N/A
Best lap time this session: 50.759s

I took the opportunity this weekend to try out a couple of new tracks; on the Saturday, it was one just outside of Birmingham.

Looking at the track online, it seemed to be a very technical and demanding circuit and when I arrived it didn’t disappoint.

Track layout from http://www.team-sport.co.uk

I arrived fairly early for my session, but this gave me the opportunity to stand on the balcony and view the drivers who were out on track before me. One thing that struck me from the beginning was how helpful the staff were there; I’ve always liked the people of the Midlands, and especially Birmingham (I spent four years studying at the university there).

The track was very foreboding; the dark, under-track section was very difficult to see from the balcony and I didn’t know what to expect until I got track side. Due to the length of the circuit, more drivers were allowed on in each session – this also slightly worried me before I took to the track because there seemed to be a significant number of collisions in the previous races (although there were also a lot of black flags for dangerous driving). Whilst a part of me was apprehensive, another part of me was raring to go.


The track was run like clockwork; whilst the current drivers were finishing their race the next heat of drivers were in their karts in the pits, ready to go. I wasn’t expecting to set particularly fast lap times, especially not in the first few laps as I thought I would take the time to learn the circuit without being too reckless. However, if you give a racer clear air, then you do push it a little bit harder. In fact, my fastest lap time came in the fourth lap of during the first race, as later on in the session, the traffic started to back up and a few yellow flags came out. I was amazed, and very pleased, to set a 52.5s laptime and finish second on the leaderboard for the first race.

During the interval one of the other drivers came up to apologize for hitting me in the first session; I really didn’t know where/when he had hit me and I couldn’t remember it affecting me at all, so I accepted his apology, explained that I’ve been in a lot worse on the track and for him not to worry because this is part and parcel of motorsport.

In the second session, I was just looking to better my time – I wasn’t trying to race anybody or top the leaderboard, I just wanted to improve and be more consistent. I did expect to get faster and faster as the session went on, but this didn’t happen for any of the drivers (both myself and the person who topped the leaderboard set our fastest laps on the second lap of the session). I was very consistent (out of the 13 laps without a yellow flag, I lapped within 4 seconds of my best time and my last four laps were separated by approximately half a second). I didn’t manage to break the 50s barrier but I came away satisfied with a 50.759s lap.

As I left the venue I was aching already; the track was long, twisty and tight in places and it put a real strain on my body as I drove back to the hotel, but I thought it was a brilliant track and I really enjoyed my time racing in Oldbury. If I had to make a minor criticism it would be down to the positioning and quantity of the warning lights for yellow and red flags; there are certain sections of the track where no lights are visible causing people to make mistakes and possibly overtake under yellows.

A nice little touch, that I really appreciated, was that my times were emailed to me, as well as receiving a paper copy at the time.

I will certainly be coming back to this track and am already looking at booking for the next time that I am up in the Midlands!

So two second place finishes in a timed session at Birmingham, could I go one better tomorrow in a 50 lap race in Loughborough?

Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a Video!

Date: 14th July 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 25.270s
Best lap time this session: 25.186s

It had been a long time since I last went karting due to some personal and financial reasons, but I couldn’t turn down this chance to put in my last qualifying lap for the KartChamps competition and to use my helmet camera in anger for the first time.

As has become customary when going for a later session with my colleague, Nick, we stopped at his house after work to get changed into our race suits and watch some motorsport before heading off to Burger King. Now, I realise that Lewis Hamilton probably doesn’t follow the same pre-race preparations, but I find it enjoyable to spend some time with Nick outside of work all the same.

Down at the track, we would be racing the same old faces, all of which I had raced before at some point. I was purely motivated by laptimes on this occasion, I just needed to set a fast, competitive time for this competition.

In the first session (and a theme that ran through the whole evening), Nick was consistent but not particularly fast. I remember that, for between half and two-thirds of the race, I was staring at Nick’s behind. I kept having my lap being compromised by his defensive line, having to drop back and then making an effort to catch him back up within the next few laps.

Eventually, I managed to overtake Nick and for the rest of the race, I pretty much had clear air. It was in this clear air that I managed to set my best lap time of the session, a 25.824.

Seeing the gap…

Lining it up…

Making it stick.

(Going forward, all of my karting videos will be added to my YouTube channel (brettstersview) straightaway, and then embedded in this blog as soon as I have the time to write it!)

The second session started with a big coming together; I was overtaken and in my attempt to retake the place, I was overly ambitious going into a tightening corner. As you can see from the photographs, I made the attempt from a LONG way back and it didn’t quite come off as I had planned!

Seeing the gap…

Lining it up…


Hands up!
Holding my hands up!

This turned out to be a positive, in a way, because I was far enough away from everyone else once I had been pushed out of the barriers. Towards the end of the race, I again caught up with Nick, but just ran out of time to pass him. I did manage to put in a 25.325 second lap in this session, just one tenth off my all-time personal best for this track.

Both myself and Nick were slightly aggrieved that some members didn’t necessarily play fair; as you can see from the videos, we were involved in a number of incidents in each of the sessions, where a kart would punt us out of the way when they were following behind. That being said, I was clearly at fault for a couple of incidents too.

The third session started with the drivers steaming away, but I was still stuck in the pits! The driver, due to be in the kart in front of me, made an appearance in the pitlane and then disappeared back towards the changing room, so I had to wait until the marshal moved the kart enough for me to squeeze past.

Getting ready to go…

False start. :-/

I continued to improve throughout the race, and actually achieved a brand new PB in the last lap of the session; a 25.186s lap!

I honestly can’t believe that I managed to set my all-time PB in this block, given that my previous best was set during an endurance race where the engine and tyres were nice and warm and the fuel levels were low.

I have a lot of racing planned for the upcoming months; I’m up in Birmingham on the 25th, I have a 50-lap race in Loughborough on the 26th and a “Track Attack” session at Eastleigh sometime in August. I also still need to book my Formula Renault day that was bought for my birthday (this has been a pain to organise due to the company’s lack of availability).

P.S. Bonus points if you noticed the Alan Partridge reference in the title of this post!

Racing against stiff competition (and the clock!)

Date: 9th June 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 25.270s
Best lap time this session: 26.304s

A special offer and the chance to race exclusively against other members was the driving force for me to go karting on Tuesday evening this week.

I realised why, when my colleague and I go karting of an evening, we set off from work at half four on the dot and get there with plenty of time. This time, I had to run a quick errand on my way, so it meant that I was a little later on the road to the track – BIG MISTAKE! It took me nearly an hour to travel 2 miles, and meant that I arrived just 2 minutes before the session started (in my work clothes and sweating profusely!).

I did steal a moment to myself to get changed and prepare for the session as two other drivers were also delayed on the roads.

There were five of us who had signed up for this hour-long exclusive qualifying session; I had raced against all of them in the past and it hadn’t been overly successful, but this time I was relishing the chance to race them all again.

When we started the session, I had planned to take it easy for the first 10 minutes or so, just to warm the kart and settle into the evening of karting ahead – I didn’t think that I could go flat out for an hour straight! (As it happens, it turned out that we weren’t doing one hour straight racing, but splitting it up into 15 minute sessions, with different karts each time, as usual).

I don’t usually blame the kart for any failings on track, but this kart in particular had NO grip at all (later confirmed by a fellow member who drove the same kart later on in the evening). I was about a second off the pace throughout and finished with a very disappointing lap time of 27.774s.

We were surprised at seeing the chequered flag after 15 minutes when we all thought that we were getting an hour of continuous racing. We discussed this amongst ourselves and then the staff member at the front desk in our break between the sessions.

I had a completely different perspective in the second session (along with a different kart, thank God!); I could go out hard from the very start and not worry about it being more of an endurance event. I did exactly that and it paid dividends. Whereas in the past, I have fallen off the back of this pack of drivers, I was mixing it up with them, whilst giving them room to overtake if they wanted (the whole point of this was to set qualifying lap times for the KartChamps competition, so I wasn’t going to hold anyone up if they were behind me). I finished with a much improved lap time of 26.449s and even managed to finish 4th.

At the end of this session, I was quite pleased with my performance, but knew that there was much more to be done in order to set a competitive time for KartChamps.

The third session was fairly uneventful for all of us. I couldn’t improve on my lap time from the second session, and finished with a best of 26.698s. I think that in the back of our minds was the fact that we would get the opportunity to race against another group straight after this one (I know that it was in my mind during the session).

With 9 drivers on track in our final session, there was going to be a lot of overtaking opportunities, traffic and possibly red and yellow flags with addition of the inexperienced drivers. We all loved the challenge of racing one another on track – motorsport is best when it is about racing others at 100%, not racing the clock. Surprisingly, I set my fastest lap of the evening in this race, despite having to deal with all of the added traffic; I set a 26.304s, in 5th place, just three-thousandths of a second away from 4th place and just over half a second away from 1st place.

All-in-all, it was a very productive evening and very satisfying experience; my best performances seem to come from those events where I am racing more experienced or drivers in a lighter weight class.

Other important news for the blog… I have now taken receipt of my Garmin Virb helmet camera, so there will be raw footage, screenshots and, possibly, some interesting overlays and analysis – lots for you guys to look forward to!

“I can’t believe what’s happening visually, in front of my eyes”

Date: 21st May 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 25.270s
Best lap time this session: 26.535s
Weight (at the end of the sessions): 96.4kg

I decided to arrange another Thursday evening karting session after work with my colleague who, this week, had bought a Sony action camera and I persuaded him to give it a trial run during this session.

I was hoping for some better times than the previous time I raced, due to my weight loss through dieting (I had lost approximately 6kg over the two weeks).

The first session was delayed due to the late arrival of the other drivers and the fact that they had to go through their driver briefing before we could start.

The marshal got myself and Nick ready and into the karts. Then we got out again (because the others hadn’t even got suited up at that time). About 10 minutes later, we were back in the karts ready to go.

The first race was fairly uneventful; I managed to dispose of Nick quite quickly and then set off in clear air to put in lap after lap in an attempt to beat my PB.

By the end of the session, I had lapped every driver in the session (including Nick) at least once, and finished top of the leaderboard.

There was only one session between our first and second races – the track combined groups, so instead of five racers in the first session, there were now seven drivers on track. This was going to make the session far more disjointed, but also more exciting!

It started very much like the first; very cold karts and myself and Nick leading the way out of the pits battling with each other. I may have got a little frustrated this time being behind Nick, forcing me into trying to make moves that really were 50:50 at best. Not only did this do nothing for my track position, but this also compromised my lap times.

Once I managed to make a move stick, I couldn’t shake Nick off my tail (which was great for being captured on his helmet camera!).

The race was full of overtaking back markers, which was entertaining, even if sometimes it got a little hairy with me trying to overtake multiple karts at the same corner, but it was also littered with yellow and red flags, ruining any consistency with my laptimes.

I did manage to shave a little bit of time off my lap times this week, but now that I can see where I’m going wrong (at one corner in particular), I am going to have to put in more effort to tweak my driving style.

I’ve always wanted to invest in an action camera for my helmet, but now I’m convinced that I should!

Like Ice In The Sun

Date: 7th May 2015
Track: Teamsport Southampton (Eastleigh)
My PB at this track (before this session): 25.270s
Best lap time this session: 26.596s
Weight (at the end of the sessions): 104.2kg

Once again myself and my colleague, Nick, decided to go karting at Eastleigh on a Thursday evening, straight after work. There are advantages and disadvantages to this (some of which I will describe in this blog post!).

We arrived an hour too early because, sometimes, the traffic getting out from work and getting into Eastleigh is horrendous, so we factored that into the time that we planned to leave work. On this day, however, it was a breeze and I arrived there in approximately 25 minutes and Nick in just over half an hour. We then had a chat until the “racing” started with the group before us at 6pm. The track looked treacherous; the sun was reflecting off the surface like it was a sheet of ice.

The first group out on track included a variety of driver skill levels to put it nicely. As there were only six of us in our session, we would be taking a subset of these karts currently out on track; two karts in particular were going very slow, so ideally I wanted to avoid either of those ones. Yes, you guessed it, I got them both throughout the evening!

We left the pits in the first session with Nick just ahead of me. I quickly overtook him, even though I was struggling to carry any speed through the corners due to the tyres being so cold against the slippery track. Nick retook the position on lap four after I span my kart pushing too hard at the large hairpin under the bridge.

I composed myself and chased hard to regain the ‘lead’ just two laps later. From then on, it was plain sailing for me; no pressure from behind, and then just a steady stream of people to lap, who didn’t put up a great deal of resistance. I finished first and managed a fairly respectable lap time of 27.041s in this session, over 1.5s quicker than Nick’s fastest in this session. I was happy with that time considering the feel of that kart in the first ten laps.

After a brief break, we were back on track. As one of the drivers had pulled out of the previous session, there was a kart sitting at the front of the pits having not been driven for 30 minutes and not driven “hard” for at least a few hours. That kart was given to me for my second session, so I tried to get some heat into the tyres as quickly as possible and race around the track to lap my colleague (who I had just missed out on lapping in the previous session).

Alas, due to a scattering of yellow flags, it wasn’t to be, but I did manage to pull just over half a lap away from him by the chequered flag. I posted a lap time of 26.596s in this session, finishing with the fastest lap as in the previous session, and just under a second ahead of Nick this time.

I’m not only battling for faster times on the track, I am now also battling my weight off the track; I’m being really strict and following a diet plan to lose about 20kg of weight to at least help in my efforts to compete with the smaller, lighter and younger drivers in the local and national events.