Preview – The Fianium Unofficial Company Karting event

This Saturday, 14th March, will be the inaugural event of the Fianium Unofficial Company Karting championship. The competitive atmosphere has been building at work with many of the drivers seeking to gain an advantage over the others and some making excuses as to the reasons why they are not going to end up on the podium.

I have compiled a little fact file about some of the drivers competing on Saturday; so read on and make your predictions of the final podium in the comments below!

For your information, the weight categories have been arbitrarily assigned as follows:
Super lightweight: less than 75kg, Lightweight: 75 – 82kg, Heavyweight: 82 – 90kg and Super heavyweight: greater than 90kg.

image 1. Brett Gaskin
Age: 27
Nationality: British
Weight category: Super heavyweight.
Experience: Competed in BRKC 2015. Regular karter at Teamsport Gosport.
Current car: Nissan Micra

Brett’s view: I feel that my experience on the track will play to my advantage, but the extra weight that I am carrying (over 42kg in some cases) will obviously slow me down. I predict a podium place at the end of the day.

image 4. Lucy Hooper
Age: 28
Nationality: British
Weight category: Super lightweight
Experience: Mario Kart Champion
Current car: Skoda Octavia VRS

Brett’s view: A complete unknown quantity in my eyes – no predictions from me. Let’s hope that it is a “rainbow road” to victory for Lucy on Saturday and she’ll be a real Troopa.

image 6. Laura Bim
Age: 27
Nationality: French
Weight category: Super lightweight
Experience: Junior karting fiend in France
Current car: Skoda Fabia

Brett’s view: A dark horse. If she is as feisty in the kart as she can be at work, Laura could be a good outside bet for the win. I think a podium place is here for the taking.

image 7. Antonin Billaud
Age: 25
Nationality: French
Weight category: Super lightweight
Experience: One-time karter
Current car: Skoda Fabia

Brett’s view: Another one of the French contingent. He appears very laid back, very polite, but I am expecting a “tour de force” from Antonin on Saturday – He has a serious weight advantage over 10 of the other 11 drivers, and if he can transfer his laid back attitude to smooth kart driving, I believe that this could see him walk away with the gold medal.

image 8. Ruud Jonkers
Age: 29
Nationality: Dutch
Weight category: Super lightweight
Experience: Once drove a Ferrari around traffic on the M27. Avid player of many racing games.
Current car: Ford Fiesta Zetec

Brett’s view: After the BRKC, I am very wary of Dutch guys in karts, but I hope that I will just about have the edge on this one. Ruud will definitely finish up the order, but I predict that he will just miss out on the podium in fourth.

image 9. James Strachan
Age: 25
Nationality: British
Weight category: Super heavyweight
Experience: Social karter
Current car: Ford Focus

Brett’s view: James does have some experience of the Gosport track and has one of the fastest ever times at Montreal (on the Xbox). But will the extra cake and biscuits he has consumed whilst working at Fianium cost him a podium? I predict a 5th place finish for James

image 12. Nick Bennetts
Age: Too old!
Nationality: British
Weight category: Super heavyweight
Experience: Former amateur racing driver, marshal at motorsport events, 3rd place at Brett’s stag party karting grand prix.
Current car: Honda CRV

Brett’s view: The most experienced driver, but has he lost his edge over time? I would place Nick in the top 6, but feel that he could be edged out of getting a podium by some of the younger drivers.

NB. There are no penalties for the different weight categories listed below, it is an every-man-for-himself challenge!

And if you haven’t realised by now, this is very tongue-in-cheek!


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