Getting excited!

With only 10 days to go until #BRKC2015, things are getting exciting and plans are falling into place for the Championship!

If you want to experience the BRKC (and my first competitive championship), you will need to follow me on Twitter, on Facebook and here, on this blog, where you will be able to read my thoughts in the lead up to the events and my views of how things have gone afterwards.

You’ll probably want to look at, the official website of the BRKC, where you will find all the information, rules and facts about the Championship alongside other driver blogs.

Finally, you will definitely want to sign up (for free) to (Official BRKC account: It is here that you will be able to watch TV coverage of the event with multiple cameras/angles, expert commentary and all of the live action wherever you are in the world! The coverage starts this Friday (9th January) for the heat draws to find out who I will be challenging to get through to the semi-finals and final!
The heats, semi-finals and final will also be shown LIVE on this channel on the 17th and 18th of January from 7:30am each morning (put it in your diaries now!).

Alternatively, you can come to Milton Keynes for the weekend of the 16th-18th January to cheer me on in person (remember to bring banners and vuvuzelas if they are still around now!).

I can’t wait!


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