I’m back… But am I back on top?

Date: 23rd December 2014 (25 days until the BRKC)
Track: Teamsport Gosport
My PB at this track (before this session): 30.486s
Best lap time this session: 30.446s

Well it has been a long time since I was last on the track. After my last blog post, I suffered a severe chest infection (the dosing up that I mentioned in the last post didn’t help, I was put on strong antibiotics, a course of steroids and given inhalers from the doctor who was so shocked with the symptoms I was displaying wanted to send me to hospital!).

So I had an enforced month’s break from my karting, but on the night before Christmas Eve, I ventured out on track again.

It was actually a pleasure to drive in this session; there was a mix of very experienced drivers and novice drivers who, surprisingly and refreshingly, were very aware of their surroundings and generally moved out of the way of the regulars whenever they saw an opportunity.

In the first session of two, I was feeling my way back into it in the first couple of laps, even making some amateur mistakes (bumping a couple of the inexperienced drivers whilst they were slowing and moving to the side [I really didn’t read their movements well!]). But, after that, the kart felt good and I was putting in good laptimes (14 out of the next 19 laps were in the 31s’s or better), culminating in a best lap time in this session of 30.988s.

The second session was amazing; I was actively racing the more experienced guys all over the track and there were some amazing overtaking manoeuvres being pulled off. A couple of laps from the end, I fell victim to one of these overtakes. If you were a fan of Formula 1 in the 2000’s, you will most likely remember Hakkinen overtaking Schumacher at Spa. If you don’t, there is a video below.

It was almost a carbon copy of the above video, where I played the part of Michael Schumacher. I couldn’t be angry with the result; I chose my normal, outside line around the back marker, he took a chance and went inside. I was amazed that this had just happened (I didn’t think three karts could squeeze through side-by-side at that point on the track). I congratulated the other driver following the session on this move because I was still in awe.

I created a new PB in this session of 30.446s, which I am pleased with, but I am still struggling to break that 30s barrier.

I am trying to step up my practice for the BRKC, so before this session started I booked on to the “Chase the Ace Santa” on the 30th December at Teamsport Gosport, which is an endurance race: 1 lap qualifying followed by a 45 minute non-stop race. It’s going to be tough!


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