And it’s GO GO GO…

So, as you may or may not know, I have taken up karting as a hobby for the past few months and, if I say so myself, I seem to have some talent for it.

Now I’m not saying that I’m the next Lewis Hamilton (whilst he’s only 2 years older, he has been racing for 20 years more than me), but whilst I’m having fun doing it, it is a great way to let off steam and get away from the world; your helmet can be a great (but lonely) place to be when travelling around a track at 40mph with your backside about 4 inches from the ground and barriers all around you.

I started getting serious about it quite quickly, buying my own helmet and gloves (for both comfort and hygiene reasons!) just a couple of weeks into this new adventure.

Up to this point in my “motorsport career”, I have not entered any races (the closest that I have come to a race was on my stag do and I finished a disputed 5th out of 6 (I still maintain that I was only overtaken once from my 3rd place grid position!). But this is soon to change!

About a month ago, I saw a link online for the BRKC and so I took a look at their Facebook group.

The British Rental Kart Championship is a weekend event with a cash prize for the winner and also acts as the feeder series to the KWC (the world championships). I saw that the next championships were being held in January 2015, so in a moment of self-belief, I entered on their website.

About a week ago, the confirmation came through that I was provisionally one of the 100 drivers that could compete in the BRKC in Milton Keynes. Excitedly, and with my wife on a conference, I booked the hotel for that weekend in January and in a couple of weeks when I get paid for doing my day job, I will be paying my entrance fee to confirm my place!

I will be updating this blog with all of my highs, lows, thrills and spills from now until the BRKC (only 86 days to go!) and beyond!


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